RTT Testimonials To Emma

Kate, New Zealand
"I feel happier, lighter and more energetic. In the last eight weeks I’ve had three sessions with Emma and I am sooo happy with the results of these sessions. We worked on cravings and binging, which I’ve now totally got under control. We worked on motivation to exercise, which is now a habit and something I look forward to every day. Lastly we worked on my overall mindset and how I see myself. I cannot tell you how great I feel. I feel amazing. You can feel amazing too. Call Emma."

Peter - Singapore
" I came to Emma looking for success from business success blocks. Well, she certainly did that and so much more. Emma's care and proficiency was so obvious from the very first moment I met her. She really listened and tailored the session and recording to fit my requirements. During the session, Emma proved how intuitive she was as she gently dug and mined right down to the very root and cause of my old blocks. The transformational recording she did for me is a work of art, a masterpiece. I love listening to it. I've listened to it for 21 days and will continue listening to it, because it's having such an empowering impact on me. My confidence has soared, my self-esteem has been bolstered and my energy to achieve business success is infinite. I'm extremely grateful to Emma for changing my life in such a profound and positive way."

Rasmi - Denmark
"I have had a session with the RTT-therapist Emma O´Malley.
My intentions with the session, were to dig into my inner world to experience and find out why I behave in a certain way that is not serving me, but instead making me feel sad and disconnected and eating in a unhealthy way – and also getting help from the therapy to change that behaviour for the better.
The session gave me insights from my early childhood about the key decisions I made at that specific time as a child, that became my attitude to life and to myself in general – my blueprint in life.
By having these insights in the session, I was able to connect my key decisions from my childhood with the part of my blueprint today, that is preventing me from living the life that I want and truly long for.
I had through the session an embracing liberating feeling of being able to pay attention to sensitive parts of me that were almost hidden away but always with a grounded feeling of being safe in the situation becoming aware of these hidden feelings.
Now after the session I feel very much calmer and relaxed having gaining clarity and for the first time – actually realizing that I have a choice of which blueprint I want my life to evolve from – the feeling of being liberated from old beliefs - an old blueprint, that was not serving me at all, and replacing it with another blueprint of liberation and just being the free and joyful person I always was meant to be from the start.
The true value for me from the session is the overall insight in the reasons for my own behaviour today and now having the understanding and the help from Emma to install new powerful beliefs, that liberates me, is bringing me closer to the ”natural me” and thereby being able to embrace all parts of myself as a whole person.
I truly recommend a RTT-session with Emma O´Malley to anyone, who wants to understand themselves on a much deeper level and use their understanding to change their life for the better."

Amelia - UK
"My session with Emma was my first RTT Session. Emma was quick to put me at ease. She has a lovely way about her and I love her voice, which goes a long way when listening to the recording daily. She helped me through challenging regressions with care and ease. Her session has played a significant role in my physical well-being and interactions with others. Thank you, Emma."

Elaine - Portugal
"I have been listening to the recording every day and it has helped a lot. Thank you so much for putting it together, it is a blessing to have it. I used to cry every day before the session and now I am in a much better place and am coping so much better. Hugs. "

Lorraine - New Zealand
"Hi Emma
Thank you so much for our session today.
You were absolutely wonderful.
I felt completely safe and trusted you completely.
It was amazing to uncover where my beliefs and habits came from, but more importantly to see them leave."

Nancy - Australia
"Emma was fantastic and the session was truly substantial. She created a wonderful safe environment for me. I could feel that she listened carefully and it was so nice to be heard. She has such a soothing and reassuring voice, and an amazing choice of words. She is professional and personable, competent and comforting. I am forever grateful! "

Karen - Fiji
"I loved my RTT session with Emma. She was so intuitive and professional and really helped me to discover the root cause of my issue with relationships. Now, my relationship with my partner is so much better as we are able to communicate so much better. We can talk through issues and that fun and laughter that was there in the beginning has re-surfaced. I react from love, not from frustration, as we can express ourselves better with each other. Thank you so much Emma, you are brilliant."

Eleni - UK
"I found myself depressed this year when the Madeleine McCann news came up again in the spotlight. Her story and the pain she must have felt put me in a depressed state and I could not focus on anything else aside from these feelings. I knew that I needed help, to be able to read about events like this without letting them affect me so much. You can say it was a deep empathy. I needed to read these events and trust that I can handle my own feelings despite sad events that often happen around us. I wished of having that ability to cope especially as I am a mum and my kids need me.
So I had a session with Emma about it. I didn’t know what to expect but trusted that RTT will guide me if used in the right way. Emma was amazing and I didn’t realise at the time how very lucky I was to have a session with her. She was so gentle, without any judgement at all and made me feel so at ease. She led me to pour out all my feelings and I felt safe, I let go of all the pain, sadness and though her guidance and soothing powerful recording she changed me. I am still the same person with the big heart I always had, but I somehow know how to not get involved emotionally with dramatic events happening around me.
Having a session with Emma was in fact one of the best things I have ever done for myself. My change was instant and that amazed me, as I knew that we are all different and can change gradually or retrospectively too. But to my surprise, I was a different person straightaway. I still follow the news on Madeleine and I do feel for her but in a healthier way that does not affect me. And I have found that I am a better person overall as a result, a better mum and a better friend, who can listen to others and be able to be there for them, because I can cope with their feelings and their pain does not affect me in my core. I would recommend Emma to anyone who wants to free themselves of pain and feel empowered to face whatever life throws at them in their best form. She is an amazing therapist and knows how to truly listen about what is going on beneath the surface."

Anna - UK
"Thank you so much Emma for my session today. I already feel lighter and freer. Previously I was triggered when I felt that people were questioning me. Emma got to the root very quickly, and I felt really comfortable with her. Not only do I feel lighter about this, and have already had conversations that I would have shied away from, I have also been waking in the night gasping for air. I hadn't really thought of this before our session, however during our session something came up that I'm sure is the root cause of this too! Already I feel relieved about it.
The process Emma went through is so powerful. I felt comfortable throughout and Emma has a lovely calm relaxed way about her that makes you feel very at ease. Thank you Emma I already feel wonderful."

Sarah - Tasmania
"Emma kindly reached out to me on Facebook when I mentioned I had a 35 year history of teeth grinding and facilitated a Rapid Transformation Therapy session with me. I could feel the constant pressure that had been present in my temples dissolve as the session progressed and as I began to understand where all of my pent up anxiety stemmed from – I was able to understand and then release a lot of this tension. Before and during the session, Emma made me feel very comfortable, safe and relaxed. She made me a wonderful recording that I listened to for the next month following my session. I have an awareness of space within my jaw and on the recording she told me my jaw would be relaxed with my tongue sitting between my teeth – and it worked. If I feel uptight I go back and listen to my recording and her soothing voice relaxes me and helps me to sleep. Thanks Emma for helping to break a cycle that has followed me around for my entire adult life – amazing!"

Lois - America
"Emma, I can't thank you enough for helping me feel better. I'm super grateful that you helped me see that I can conquer my past by making peace with it. I speak so much freer now and I'm convinced I can handle anything. I realize how much fear I need to let go and I'm grateful to you for helping me get to this point. Thank you Emma for choosing to be you with me, for going all out to help me, and for always being there."

Jane - New Zealand
"I now feel much more relaxed and focused in all aspects of my life, thanks to the sessions I have had with Emma. I now feel calm and ready to deal with whatever life throws at me, where once I would worry and become anxious and uptight. Emma has been a huge help. Her manner and attitude have been exemplary. I feel so comfortable with Emma and able to say how I really feel. As someone who would worry about almost everything, I can honestly say my attitude to life is now very different and this has helped tremendously in both my personal and professional life. A very big thank you to Emma for all she has done."

James - Australia
"Emma has helped me change my life by helping me understand that I am in control and able to manage my own thoughts and feelings to keep anxiety at bay. She has taught me to change my perception of life and my place in the world. The recording was key to my transformation and I’m happy I respected myself enough to make the time to listen to it every night without fail for the entire three weeks. I recommend her service very highly and thank you Emma for helping me get my life back!"

Karla - Fiji
"Emma has been a complete saving grace for me from the crippling anxiety I suffered with for such a long time. Before discovering hypnotherapy, I was unable to function. I could not eat or sleep and I found myself spiralling out of control. I had three sessions with Emma and together I have overcome something I never thought I could. On leaving my first session, I already felt like I had been relieved of a massive burden. Now at the end of my final session, I feel completely back to my old self. I loved the recordings Emma made for me and listened to them every night. My whole outlook on life has changed and I am now able to live happily with no anxiety. I would recommend Emma to anyone who suffers from anxiety or any other issue in their lives that they need some help with. I would like to thank Emma once again for everything she has done for me."

Mark - Tanzania
"I sought out a session with Emma as I have suffered from anxiety and stress from a very young age. I have struggled to overcome this for years. I have now completed two sessions with Emma and I feel fantastic. I was determined to overcome this anxiety and listened regularly to the beautiful recording Emma made for me. I am so much calmer and happier in myself. When I first started the sessions I was very sceptical about it all, but doing those two sessions have completely changed the way I think. Thanks Emma, you're amazing!"

Clare - Wales
"I contacted Emma as, even though I have good friends and family around me, for quite a few years I had been feeling increasingly anxious and panicky about attending social and work-related events. If I couldn’t make excuses to get out of them or avoid them completely, I would get a really bad stomach pains leading up to the event and, even worse, during the event.
I had a session with Emma, who has given me techniques to keep my mind calm and allow me to feel in control of every situation in which I might find myself. I can now look forward to these occasions without feeling apprehensive and am once again finding events fun, interesting and enjoyable. I am so very glad I took the plunge and got some help. Thank you Emma."

Claire - Australia
"I have not felt that awful level of anxiety in any way since my session with Emma and since I listened to her wonderfully relaxing recording. Anxiety seems almost like a foreign concept now. I have been feeling so incredibly calm and grounded and am now seeing myself as being full of a quiet easy confidence. I literally feel free to live my life. I'd unreservedly recommend a session with Emma for reducing anxiety."

Peo - Thailand
"I just wanted to tell you that working with you had been incredible. My RTT session was so insightful and I really really appreciated the after-care you provided. Before I came to you, I was lacking in motivation and returning again and again to self-sabotaging habits. I understand now why I was doing this and I feel I don't need those bad habits any more.
I now have motivation, zeal and energy to make healthy choices in my life. I felt so supported by you and loved having someone to be accountable to. You were so encouraging to keep up with the new beneficial habits.
I am so so grateful that you entered my life - you are wonderful."

Nikita - New Zealand
"You have the most beautiful hypnotic voice. You are perfect for this career. I had only just met you and I felt so safe. I felt instantly able to be open up. Looking back on how I have been after our session and listening to your incredible recording, I can see how much I have changed. I am so much better at coping, I love myself more. I can look at myself in the mirror without criticism or judgment. I am just so very, very grateful for the time and energy you put into my healing journey."

Sasha - UK
"I would like to acknowledge Emma today for the gentle and deeply intuitive upgrade she gave me in our beautiful session today. The session gave me exactly what I've been looking for and have needed all these years. I didn't even know exactly what it was myself, but Emma did and now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Emma, you are truly a remarkable therapist, and I am so grateful that I got to work with you, as will anyone else who gets the chance of a session with you."